Tax-Advantaged Financial Strategies


Taxes Are Your Biggest Expense

Every decision you make can affect how much you pay in taxes. Now, more than ever, the tax burdens placed on high-income families and businesses have made it essential to maintain a powerful and innovative tax strategy.

We will help you realize your potential to enjoy significant tax savings through our unique tax reduction strategies.

Our commitment to excellence in successful planning inspires us to remain an authority on current tax laws and regulations, to understand how they affect you, setting us apart from your current advisory team.


Reduce or Eliminate Income Taxes, Capital Gains Taxes, and Estate Taxes

Charitable Planning Makes it Possible

The foundation of this incredible financial planning opportunity lies in its benefit to the most noble of organizations - charities.  By participating in this planning opportunity, one can benefit charitable causes that help the most needy in our world.

I ask all of my affluent clients if they are charitable, and more often than not, they say, “No.”

Then, I point out that they are actually very charitable, because they give to the IRS every year! Instead of letting Congress decide how to spend your money, why don’t you personally direct it to your favorite charities?

Income taxes, capital gains taxes, and estate taxes can all be either reduced or eliminated by participating in charitable planning. Let us show you how.
— Rao K. Garuda, CLU, ChFC

Hypothetical Case Study

In the hypothetical scenario illustrated below, $250,000 taxable Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) is reduced to $100,000 by contributing to a charitable plan that allows a $150,000 charitable tax deduction. 


60% Deduction to Taxable AGI


This deduction to taxable AGI brings this hypothetical family from the 28% bracket to the 25% bracket (married filing jointly), and reduces the amount of Federal Income Taxes paid by approximately 79.5%!


79.5% Reduction to Federal Income Taxes Paid


In addition to these tax benefits, many charitable plans allow the donor to retain income rights for a set numbers of years or even over multiple generations.

The results: 

Empowerment of deserving charities, an estimated 79.5% reduction to the amount of Federal Income Taxes paid, and a potentially multi-generational source of income!

The benefits could be even greater if a highly appreciated asset is contributed to a charitable plan (e.g. a building or a stock portfolio).  In most cases, you get to eliminate the capital gains tax on the contributed asset on top of the benefits listed above!


Let Your Business Provide You With Greater Tax Savings

 Creative Business planning makes it possible

You've worked hard to build your business, and after years of sacrifice, you have so many financial goals that you still want to achieve.  Believe it or not, this challenge is actually an opportunity to cut your taxes!

You may want to accelerate your retirement savings because you've spent years pouring money into your business.  You may want to retain quality employees to ensure successful growth and eventual continuity of your business.

Whatever your goal, we have a tax-advantaged financial solution for you!